Monday, October 12, 2015

Polish Pusher- South of the Bordeaux

     Hey Everyone, Happy Monday! I've got a super quick post for you today because well, it's football season and that means Sunday Fun-day around here.  I'm not sure I should be operating a computer at this point, but I'm determined to get a post up so here goes. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you South of the Bordeaux by Polish Pusher. I was lucky enough to be given this polish as a gift from a blogger meet up several months ago (ok over a year ago) and shame on me for waiting this long to use it. 


     South of the Bordeaux is a Red jelly polish packed with multi-sized, multi-colored glitters that is just gorgeous. Sadly at this time, the shop is closed so I have no idea if it's still available but, if it is I suggest you snatch it up right away. And here's why...

     The formula for this is simply perfection. The polish applied so smoothly you would think it was a high-end creme. And all those glitters came out like they just wanted to be on my nails. No fishing or placement required. All photos are shown with 2 coats plus top coat. Are you impressed yet? What if I told you my bottle had been sitting in my helmer for the last year and I didn't mix it up before application? Yeah, you're impressed now, aren't you! 

     I really like the color combination this polish has. The blue and magenta glitter flow nicely with the base color but you get a little pop with the gold. And I am a huge fan of any polish that lets the larger glitters show through instead of covering them up with each coat. I'm looking at you milky white crelly polishes...  There's nothing that annoys me more than a polish that hides the glitters with the base color. Ok well maybe a polish that looks gorgeous in the bottle but has a terrible formula, or my kids making me repeat myself 10 times before they listen... but hidden glitters in a polish is right up there on the list. 

      I'll leave you with this macro shot of all those yummy glitters and what an awesome shot that is huh! Not to toot my own horn but, toot toot. Too much? Ok how about I  ask if you've tried Polish Pusher before and what polish I should try next? Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


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