Thursday, October 8, 2015

MoYou London - The Enchanted Collection (Press Release)

     This Friday, October 9th,  MoYou London is releasing the second part to their Enchanted Collection. 8 plates full of whimsical images that are sure to bring fairy tales to mind. If animals aren't your thing there are a few geometric and floral images to get those creative juices flowing. Personally I have my eye on plate 16.  Let's take a look..... 

 Add something charming to your look! 

Take a look at the second part of our Enchanted Collection!
Channeling the cozy charm of fading nature and furry animals,
this collection is both adorably vintage and innovative.
With its seasonal flora and fauna,
this is the perfect addition to your fall style!

Inspired by the timeless art of aquarelle, here it is our latest tutorial!
MoYou London Tutorial ✐ Foxy Watercolour ✐

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Heavy black heart Lots of love! Heavy black heart
 MoYou London Team

   MoYou plates can be purchased in their shop. As mentioned above these plates will be available Friday October 9th.   Plates are £4.99 each or about $8 US. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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