Monday, October 19, 2015

Madam Glam - Midnight Lover, Holo Fever and Not Ashamed

     I'm kicking off the week with a few glitter polishes from Madam Glam that I thought were great for fall.  Madam Glam is a 5 free AND Cruelty-free, Vegan online nail polish company. If you're thinking of picking up any of these polishes for yourself follow this link:  and use code YT30 for 30% off your entire order. You will have to create an account to shop but don't worry, it's completely free and I've never gotten a single spam message.  Now, sit back and get ready for some sparkle. All photos are shown with 2 coats plus top coat.

     Not Ashamed is a black base packed full of teal micro-shimmer that looks blue or green depending on the lighting. The sparkle in this was very hard to capture on film. I had to get creative and use several different kinds of lighting, including one that was just awful for my skin tone but really let the sparkle show through. 


Bonus shot with cringe-worthy lighting but look at that sparkle!

     The application was a little tricky with all that glitter when using a thin coat. The glitter slid around on the nail a bit and caused some streaks. When I used a slightly thicker coat on the second layer everything evened out and covered my nail nicely. 

     Not Ashamed dries to a matte finish which gives a textured appearance, but each glitter lays smoothly on the nail and there was no real texture when I ran my finger across it.  The addition of top coat really brought out the sparkle to this polish and added a lot of depth. In certain lighting, it even looked like a galaxy manicure.

     Midnight Lover is a  blue toned purple based polish with holographic micro glitter and a few larger lavender hex glitters mixed in. 


    This polish fooled me a little bit. It looked thick and chunky on the brush and I was expecting a hard time with the application. Appearances were deceiving with this beauty, the polish applied like a dream. The first coat applied a little sheer but this beauty builds up nicely. Full opacity was reached after 2  sparkle packed coats.

     Unlike Not Ashamed, Midnight Lover does dry with a slight texture. Nothing more than you would expect from a glitter packed polish but it is there. 1 coat of a good top coat with smooth everything out. 

     Holo Fever is a royal purple polish with holographic micro glitters.  I'm not sure they could fit anymore glitter in this polish if they tried. 


     The application was extremely smooth and this could be a 1 coater if applied with a slightly thicker than normal coat. The glitters lay completely flat on the nail and there is a fairly smooth finish. 

     I was particularly impressed with the dry time on this one. By the time I finished with my thumb my pinkie nail was completely dry. And would you look at that sparkle! Holo Fever is the perfect name for this polish. 

    I like all 3 of these polishes for different reasons but if I have to pick a favorite it would have to be Holo Fever. I'm a sucker for a sparkly nail polish and that one really delivers. Do you have a favorite out of these 3?

     Remember if you're thinking of picking up any of these polishes for yourself follow this link:  and use code YT30 for 30% off your entire order. Also check out my previous posts featuring Ibiza and Paradise Fiesta, Disco Ball, and Found the One.  Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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