Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Madam Glam - Another Glass and High Standards

     I've got a few more polishes from Madam Glam to share with you today. I hope you're not burned out on glitter after Monday's post because I saved my absolute favorite for last! And just in case you are sick of glitter (insert gasp here) I also have a deep rich creme. Madam Glam is a 5 free AND Cruelty-freeVegan online nail polish company. If you're thinking of picking up any of these polishes for yourself follow this link:  and use code YT30 for 30% off your entire order.  As I mentioned in yesterday's post you will have to create an account to shop but don't worry, it's completely free. Now let's get to the polish, which by the way will be shown with 2 coats plus top coat. 


     Another Glass is a deep rich burgundy polish with magenta micro glitter, and also what I'll be having this weekend. Will any of you be joining me? Ok in all seriousness this polish is a little lighter than it wanted to photograph. I've got one macro shot at the end that I was able to get outside before I lost the light and that one is more true to color. 

   Don't you just love the richness this polish has? Want to know what's even better than the color? The Formula!!! Another Glass went on so smoothly you'd think it wanted to be on your nails. And I had complete control over every drop. You want to know what else is awesome about this beauty... it's a 1 coater. I used 2 for my photos but could have totally gotten away with 1. I really want to try and stamp with this, I have a feeling it will work great since it's so opaque. 

Bonus outside color accurate macro shot

     High Standards is a deep rich mahogany brown creme polish with a hint of red. In certain lighting, it looks slightly more maroon, but a very very dark maroon, or almost a cherry coke color. It's a hard color for me to describe because it looked different in every room of my house, and outside.

     The application was consistent with all the other polishes I've used from Madam Glam so far, smooth and flawless. IT had a slightly thicker formula that your typical creme but that had zero effect on how it applied.  And this beautiful base was just begging for some nail art. 

     I used Essie Penny Talk and Messy Mansions Lilly Anna 08 plate to create my accent nail. It's a very similar look to the one I did with Madam Glam Found the One. I like it much better this way than my original version. 

     So there you have it. 5 polishes from Madam Glam that are perfect for fall, well for anytime really but tis the season right. Id love to hear your thoughts on these final 2 polishes and what color you would call High Standards exactly.  And remember if you're thinking about making a purchase follow this link:  and use code YT30 for 30% off your entire order.

     To keep up with all things Madam Glam check them out online on Facebook,  Catch the latest twitter buzz or gaze at some photos on Instagram. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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