Monday, January 13, 2014

What's in a finish? - Foil

     Hello there everyone. It's time to get back to my nail polish finish series now that all the holiday madness and nail art challenge is over. Today I am going to take a look at the foil finish.

     The foil finish nail polish often has a metallic base with very very fine glitters added. It dries to a smooth finish but not quite as smooth as a chrome. This results in a very sparkly finish.

Zoya Bobbi

     Foils are usually compared to metallic finishes but there are significant differences between the two. Metallics typically come in metal colors, copper, gold, silver whereas foils cover the entire spectrum of the rainbow. Giving you a wider variety to choose from.

     I hope you've enjoyed this post, be sure to check out previous posts in this series and as always Happy polishing!


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