Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finger Paints She's a Beaut

     Today's NOTD post is Finger Paints She's a Beaut from the Vintage Glam collection fall 2013. A gold metallic polish with a brownish undertone.  To be honest I was drawn to this polish because of the undertones. Most of my golds seem to have more yellow to them giving them a polished brass look whereas this one reminds me of burnished brass. Perfect for that vintage vibe.


    Shown here I have 2 coats of She's a Beaut without top coat. The application was nice and even. Unlike typical metallic polishes, this one dried to a smooth finish with minimal brushstrokes left behind. The few that my camera captured were hardly noticeable with the naked eye.

     There are 6 polishes in the Vintage Glam collection and can be purchased from Sally Beauty Supply. I have my eye on 2 more that hopefully will find a way to my house shortly. Fingers crossed I can still find them at my local store. If not they are still available to order online for $5.29 a bottle. ($4.49 with a beauty club card.)

     So what are your thoughts on She's a Beaut? Just your regular old gold metallic or a twist on an old favorite? As always thanks for stopping by an Happy Polishing!


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    1. Thanks Lisa. Im hoping to have time to do a post about all my gold polishes so I can compare them. Time just doesnt seem to be my friend lately when it comes to blogging though so fingers crossed =)


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