Monday, January 6, 2014

Zoya Dahlia

     Today I have for you pictures of Zoya Dahlia one of the Pixie Dust polishes. When the textured polishes first hit the scene I wasn't too sure how I would feel about them. I'm normally a smooth nail kind of girl. But I picked up Vespa and Nyx to try out before I made up my mind completely. And then I was hooked. Since then I have only added Dahlia to my collection and have yet to branch out to other brands but that's going to change in 2014.

     Dahlia is a dark grey almost black polish loaded with sparkle. Fully opaque in 2 thin coats this beauty can stand on its own or make a fun base for decals or stamping.

Zoya Dahlia Pixie Dust
2 coats without topcoat
     The application was flawless. It was very easy to control where the polish went on the nail to avoid any pooling at the cuticles or overflow onto the sidewalls. Which is normally a huge problem for me since my nails have a dramatic curve at the sides. And now for a macro shot...

Zoya Dahlia Pixie Dust macro

     Even though this shot makes it look like I have a heavy grit sandpaper on my nails it's not that rough to the touch. I don't snag my clothing or bed sheets either. That was my biggest fear about trying textured polish in the beginning, all the things I could get snagged on, but I had nothing to worry about.

     Now back to that part I mentioned about it being a great base for stamping...

Zoya Dahlia Pixie Dust Stamping

     I used my Konad white with Shandy plate SH18 to make this skittled flower look. After all the Christmas nail art I needed something light and different. Plus I just LOVE flower manicures.

     So thoughts on the Pixie Dust polishes? Do you think the textured trend will continue into the new year or will we see them slowly phased out?

     Also, these are the first pictures I've taken with my new lightbox and I was wondering if you could noticed a difference. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 


  1. Ordered this one today with the 3 free polish glad I did! It's beautiful. Great swatches!

    1. Thanks Ariel! You will absolutely love it! I debated picking up some more Pixie's with the promo but my collection is seriously lacking in the neutral area so I went with a few from that collection.

  2. Replies
    1. Its such a fun polish! I snagged it with the last promotion that Zoya had and Im so glad that I did.


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