Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Glitterfied Nails

      Recently I discovered Glitterfied Nails and placed a small order. Andrea was wonderful and added in a few polishes for me to review. I decided to split this up into two posts with the first one focusing on the great fall colors I received. All of these polishes can be purchased in her Etsy store. Each polish retails at $8.75 for a 15 ml bottle.

     Glitterfied Nails nail polishes are as Andrea describes them:
"Custom blended glitter nail polish made with a 3 Free suspension base, cosmetic grade pigments, and solvent resistant glitters. Wear alone or over a colored polish for maximum sparkle."
*All photos are taken in iridescent lighting and without top coat*
  Carnelian is from the Fall/Autumn collection. A red shimmery polish with an orange undertone.

Glitterfied Nails Carnelian   

     The application was smooth and even with full opacity in 2 coats.

Glitterfied Nails Carnelian

   I was surprised how much I liked Carnelian on me. Normally red polishes make my skin look very washed out and pale. Check out that sparkle and shimmer.


 Polished Copper is a part of the Shimmer Collection. A striking orange/copper with a hint of gold. 

Glitterfied Nails Polished Copper   

Just like Carnelian, Polished Copper has a smooth, even application with full opacity in 2 coats.

Glitterfied Nails Polished Copper

     Polished Copper has just enough golden shimmer to make this polish glow on the nails. It has that lit from within feeling that I love in a polish.

Polished Copper

     Ablaze is also from the Fall/Autumn collection.  This polish along with Polished Copper are the colors that made me want to place an order. A mouthwatering glitter bomb packed with micro-fine gold, red, orange and copper glitter. Red, yellow and brown hex glitters are reminiscent of the changing fall leaves.

Glitterfied Nails Ablaze 

   Application of this polish was surprisingly easy. There was no fishing for glitters in the bottle. I didn't have to play around with the glitter placement on the nail. Everything just seemed to flow off the brush with ease.

Glitterfied Nails Ablaze
     Check out that coverage in 2 thin coats! I'm still stunned by the number of hex glitters I was able to get just by dipping the brush into the bottle.


     I placed my order for the purpose of layering Ablaze over Polished Copper for a fun fall manicure. I think the two colors compliment each other is just the right way. Here is a photo with one coat of  Ablaze over two coats of Polished Copper.

     Of course I have to include a macro shot of this combination.

Polished Copper Ablaze

     Overall I was very happy with these polishes. All three colors have easy, no fuss applications and great coverage. Carnelian is my favorite one in the bunch, and that isn't even one of the one's I ordered. I couldn't be happier that Andrea chose it as one of the one's to review.

     Thanks for stopping by my blog. Part two of this review will have some more glitter polishes from the Team Spirit collection. Happy Polishing!

*This review is a mix of items purchased by me and sent out for review. All opinions and photographs are my own*


  1. Replies
    1. I think I might be obsessed with fall color manicures right now. I cant get enough copper and gold tones.

  2. Your photos turned out great!! I can't wait to see the next set ;)

    1. Thanks Andrea. That really means a lot, especially since I've been focusing on getting better photos. I had so much fun with these. I cant wait to play around with the next one's.


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