Saturday, September 21, 2013

Glitterfied Nails Part 2 - Team Spirit Polishes

     Today I have for you the second part of my Glitterfied Nails review. If you missed the first part you can find it here. This time around I have 3 glitter polishes to show you. 2 from the Team Spirit Collection and 1 from the Copper Collection. With school being back in session and football season underway it's a great time to sport your teams' colors on your nails. There are 27 polishes in this line but, if you somehow don't find your teams colors, custom requests are available. Now let's get to the polish, shall we... I'll warn you this post is a little picture heavy.

     First up I have Black Out from the Team Spirit Collection. A clear based polish with multiple sizes of superfine, hex, shreds and squares glitters in black, gray, silver and white.

Glitterfied Nails Black Out Bottle Shot

     Here I have 2 coats of Black Out alone. The application was pretty smooth with even glitter coverage on each nail. The white large square glitters were a little harder to get out of the bottle than the rest, but I was able to get some with minimal fishing.

Glitterfied Nails Black Out, Black White Glitter

      And a macro shot of Black Out. I love the flashes of color the glitters give off when the light hits it. I saw greens, blues, purples and, pinks while trying to photograph this.

Glitterfied Nails Black Out Macro Shot
      I wanted to see how Black Out would look layered over different polishes. So I tried it over black and white.

Glitterfied Nails Black Out

     I should have chosen a regular black instead of a matte finish one. I actually liked the way Black Out looked over the black better when it was still wet. The matte polish seemed to cause a hazy finish. I'm sure a quick layer of top coat would have fixed that.

Glitterfied Nails Black Out

     A quick macro shot of all the glitter sizes in Black Out. And look at all the colors I was able to capture in the iridescent glitters! 

     Next up I have Astro Turf, the second polish from the Team Spirit Collection. A clear based polish with multiple sizes of superfine, hex and square glitters in green, yellow and gold.

Glitterfied Nails Astr Turf

     A great polish for the avid Green Bay Packers fan like myself. No fishing for glitters needed for this one although some slight glitter placement is needed for full coverage. This is 2 coats of Astro Turf on its own.

Glitterfied Nails Astro Turf, Green Gold Glitter

     And a macro shot of Astro turf. Just look at all the different sized green glitters that are packed in there.

     And a few pictures showing Astro Turf layered over white. The white base really allowed the gold hex glitters to show through. 

Glitterfied Nails Astro Turf

     Now for the macro shot. Love all that glitter!   I wonder how this would look over yellow? I just might have to try that out for game day. I have a friendly rivalry with my boyfriend on Sundays during football season. He's a Vikings fan and a die hard one at that bless his soul. I can just imagine the look on his face when I show up in my jersey with nails to match!  

     And last but not least I have Patina from the Copper Collection. A clear based polish with teal  micro and diamond glitters, with copper bar glitters.

Glitterfied Nails Patina
     Patina gave me the most trouble as far as application goes. It doesn't seem to be as packed full of glitter as the other polishes but, you can see from the bottle shot my bottle had tipped on its side. I did mix it up before application, but only a little. Had I taken the time to properly mix it I may not have had any issues. The following picture is two coats of Patina alone.

Glitterfied Nails Patina

     Not a lot of coverage on the nail after 2 coats. And those larger diamond glitters were pretty hard to get on the brush.  I remixed the polish after this application before I layered Patina over white and my results were better. But first a macro shot of Patina alone. I wanted to include this shot because it allows you to clearly see the different glitters that are in Patina. Sometimes the different glitters can get lost when they are all piled on top of each other.

Glitterfied Nails Patina

     Here is 2 coats of Patina over white. As you can see I was able to get better coverage this time around. There was some glitter placement needed for the larger glitters. And a little fishing was needed to get them on the brush.

Glitterfied Nails Patina
     And of course I had to include another macro shot. It really is a pretty polish. And I think the name fits it perfectly. I plan to layer this one over my bottle of Polished Copper the next time I wear it. Wouldn't that look cool?!


     Glitterfied Nails polishes can be purchased for $8.75 a bottle on Etsy. Each polish is hand mixed and made with a 3 Free glitter suspension base, and all glitters are solvent resistant to prevent curling and discoloration.

     Be sure to check out the Facebook Page for more information on these and other polishes.

*The products shown were sent to me for my honest opinion. All photos and opinions are my own*


  1. I'm not a glitter person but these are beautiful! I might just have to check these out!

    1. I wasnt a big fan on the glitter polishes either. Then I was sent one for review before I started my actual blog. I loved the way it looked on my nails! I still shy away from glitter bombs most of the time because of the removal process but am a firm believer that everyone should have a few special glitters in their collection.


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