Monday, March 11, 2013

Put Up Your Dupes! CG Blue Iguana vs. FP Midnight Sleigh Ride


     Today I have for you a quick comparison of China Glaze Blue Iguana and Finger Paints Midnight Sleigh Ride. I found both of these on Sally's clearance rack about a week apart and when I had the two bottle sitting next to each other they looked like possible dupes.

     Both polishes applied very evenly and smoothly. Blue Iguana was a bit sheer on the first coat and took 3 for full coverage. Midnight slight ride is a 2 coat polish. I have worn both of these polishes recently but for this post, I swatched them on a nail wheel to get the side by side comparison.

     As you can see they are very different once dry. Blue Iguana is more of a teal color and Midnight Sleigh Ride is a nice saturated blue. Both have a great shimmer to them and dry to a nice shiny finish. Turns out these two polishes are not dupes at all.

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