Thursday, March 14, 2013

Put Up Your Dupes! Zoya Zuza vs. CG Watermelon Rind

      It's time for another comparison post. This time I will be comparing Zoya Zuza to China Glaze Watermelon Rind.  The thought that these polishes might be dupes came to me while I was swatching Watermelon Rind. The first coat went on so light and sheer it completely reminded me of Zuza. I dug into my Zoya tote to find my bottle and began comparing.

     First, we have the bottle shot

     Looking at them side by side you might think I was crazy for wondering if these two are dupes. Zuza is a much lighter aqua/teal color with lots of shimmers evident even in the bottle. Watermelon Rind is a dark teal with the shimmer showing up when holding the bottle at various angles.
You're thinking I must be insane at this point, aren't you? These two don't even look close to each other! Now let's take a look at them on a nail wheel.

    Now, do you see why I thought they might be dupes after one coat of Watermelon Rind? Here I have two coats of each polish without top coat. While Zuza (on the left) is still a lighter shade of teal, it dried darker than it is in the bottle.
  Both polishes have a shimmer to them when dry. Zuza leaning to an almost silvery shimmer while Watermelon Rind has a blue shift to it, reminding me almost of a flakie but not quite. No dupes with these two. 

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