Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Untried A-Z Challenge - Letter R

    I'm back this week with another installment of the Untried A-Z Challenge. This is a laid back challenge where every other week a new letter is chosen and you swatch a polish that starts with that letter. You can go by brand name or polish name, do one polish or a few, share a plain swatch or add nail it. It really is up to you with what you share and how often you join in. 

     This week bring us to the 18th week of the challenge and as you may have already guessed, the letter R. For the letter F I shared with you 2 polishes from KBShimmer and will be revisiting the brand again. This week I've gone with a not completely untried polish, but one that I have yet to actually wear, Run! It's the Coppers!

Copper colored linear holographic nail polish

     Released in 2014 as part of the Early Summer Collection, when this perfectly copper colored linear holographic nail polish arrived at my door I immediately painted one nail so I could bask in all its beauty. Sadly that was it for this polish and it was tucked away in my helmer, collecting dust until I pulled it out again 4 years later. I know, I know, I have hung my head in shame over this. 

     The application was an effortless experience. The formula is one of the best I've worked with allowing for the polish to flow evenly from the brush onto the nail with complete control. I did notice a slight VNL after the first coat and a second coat achieved full opacity.

     I did notice minimal brushstrokes once the polish dried but I had to really look for them. In fact, my camera picked them up more than what my eyes actually did.

      I really like this color, but it's a bit much for a full manicure even for me. I'd love it as an accent nail but ended up using it as a base for some Autumnal nail art.

     Now, this didn't turn out quite like I had envisioned but that's partly because I had to switch tactics in the middle of it. I thought I had a specific image for stamping but I was wrong and ended up going with an image that I'd consider a distant cousin of my original idea. 

     This image is from the Totally Negative 02 plate from Lina and while it still looks a little like leaves, it falls short of what I wanted. The gradient I did using another KBShimmer polish called Oh My Ganache from the 2016 Fall Collection and Run! It's the Coppers!

     I absolutely love the accent nail however and am quite proud of how it turned out. I decided to dust off my freehand skills and painted the tree with acrylic paint. Seeing the success I had with this has inspired me to try more freehand looks and will have another one to share with you next Tuesday. Or if you just can't wait until then I shared a teaser pic on my Facebook page. In the meantime be sure to check out the other polishes in the challenge this week and as always, Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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