Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Untried A- Z Challenge Letter F

     Happy First day of Spring everyone and welcome to the 6th week of the Untried A-Z Challenge. This week is the letter F and I'm mixing things up by sharing two polishes with you today. That's the beauty of this challenge, the only rule is that the polish or brand has to start with the appropriate letter. And since the point of this challenge is to work through my untried polishes I figured sharing more than one would be a great way to get through a few more. 

    I chose 2 polishes from KBShimmer for letter F week, one I've had in my collection for over a year and one from last summer.  And it just so happens that both colors are a bit spring like so they work as a first day of spring manicure too even if there isn't any nail art. Ok, I might be reaching a bit there but I'm asking you to just go with me on this.

Flock This Way

     Flock This Way was released in the Summer Vacation collection 2017 and is one of my newer untried polishes. This medium pink polish has a smattering of holographic glitter fragments that almost twinkle when in direct lighting.

    The application process was a dream. Flock this Way is highly pigmented and flows smoothly onto the nail. I was able to get even coverage on the first coat and almost complete opacity. Shown here is two coats plus top coat.

Flake Me Home Tonight

     Flake Me Home Tonight was released in the fall of 2016 as part of the Fall Collection. This pale sage green polish has a metallically foil finish which causes the hue of it to lighten and darken depending on the lighting. 

     While not as opaque as Flock This Way I was still able to get even coverage on the first coat. It does build up nicely and full opacity can be reached after two coats. Flake Me Home Tonight does dry with a slight texture but that can be smoothed out with a good top coat. Shown here as two coats plus top coat. 

     So there you have my two letter F polishes for this weeks challenge. I like both colors and think that they would go together perfectly in a manicure. Even with the mixed finishes. Were you able to get the spring vibe I mentioned earlier? Do you have a favorite from these two? 

    Now let's see what the others have picked for their letter F polishes. And please feel free to add your manicures to the link up if you used one with the letter F in the brand or color name. I'd love to have more people join in. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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