Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Untried A-Z Challenge Letter M

     Hey Everyone, it's time once again for the Untried A-Z Challenge and this week we are at the halfway point with the letter M! I can't believe we are at the halfway point already, this challenge seems to be flying by. Don't worry there is still time to join in whenever you want. Even if you didn't plan on joining the challenge but happened to blog about a polish with the corresponding letter, add it to the link up. It's the more the merrier for this challenge and all are welcome. 😊

     This week I am not only sharing an untried polish with all of you but it's also an untried brand for me as well. It's a double whammy! I'd only heard of Love, Angeline a few times and sadly the name never really stuck in my head long enough for me to make a purchase and in 2017 the shop closed. I recently pick up a few bottles to try from a destash. One of those bottles was Metamorphosis.

     Metamorphosis was released in 2013 as part of the Smoke & Mirrors collection. It's an elephant grey crelly with various sized hex glitters in purple, grey, orange, and gold that dries to a glossy finish. I am so late to the crelly party, I recently discovered my love for them within the last year. I have no idea if they are still a trend or not but that's the story of my life, I decide I like something a year or two too late.

     The first coat went on surprisingly sheer considering how dark of a grey this polish is, and the glitters were a bit sparse and wanted to slide to the tips of my nails. After the first coat, I added 3 drops of thinner to my bottle in order to get the glitters out easier.  Like I mentioned above I purchased this bottle in a destash and have no idea how old it is but the 3 drops of thinner seemed to do the trick.
     The second coat built up to a nice opacity with a decent clustering of glitters. I probably could have stopped there but I wanted more of the glitter to be visible since it seemed to be getting lost in the base color. I sponged on a third coat and that really helped get better glitter coverage as well as help them stand out against the grey.

     I would definitely wear this polish again but would try the sponging technique on the second coat and hope that the opacity is there as well as a nice glitter coverage.

     While I like this polish and have a new found love for crellies I never know what kind of nail art to do over them. Stamping seems like the obvious choice but I don't want to cover up all the glitters so it would have to be a subtle design and then that seems almost pointless. What kind of nail art do you add to your crelly polishes?

     I'm currently driving home from vacation and will be stuck in my vehicle for 8 long hours which means I'll need something to do to pass the time. (Don't worry I'm not the one driving)  I'd love to spend it reading your thoughts on this fun crelly and see posts from people participating in the challenge. It's ok if you haven't joined in yet, there is room for everyone at any time! You can find all the details in the event on my Facebook page. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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