Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Untried A-Z Challenge Letter L

     It was just a few days ago when I shared my letter K polish for the Untried A-Z Challenge and here it is, time for my letter L polish. I guess that's what happens when you get behind on blogging! So here is my Untried A-Z Challenge letter L polish, enjoy!

     Since it's summertime and been abnormally hot here lately I chose to go with a bright shade this week. And there's no better way to go bright than with a neon polish. Or in this case a Not Really Neon. Check out Lemonade from the Not Really Neon's Collection released last summer from Polish 'M.

Neon yellow nail polish with a creme finish

     Lemonade is a bright lemon yellow creme polish. Typically yellow is a hard color for me to wear but I actually like this one. It's so fun and bright plus it makes me look like I have a nice tan. Any polish that makes my tan look better gets bonus points from me. 

     Like most neons Lemonade applied a bit streaky on the first coat, thankfully it's a self-leveling polish so the streaks weren't a major issue. This polish builds up nicely on the second coat and I probably could have stopped there if I'd used white undies. I had a few places on my nails that appeared to be patchy so I opted to use 3 coats. Shown here is 3 coats plus a matte top coat. 

     Lemonade dries very quickly and with a matte finish. Just what I would expect from a neon polish. Like I mentioned above I like this polish and would probably wear it on its own in the future. But for this post, I opted to add a little nail art to the mix.

    For this marbled look, I used Creative Shop plate 31 and stamping polishes Straight Up Black and Bami White from Bundle Monster and Slate Stamping Sauce from Sassy Sauce Polish. 

    The completed look is a bit much for me but I do really like how my middle finger turned out. In this case, less is more and I'll have to keep that in mind in the future. And as you can see once again I was inpatient when applying my top coat and smeared my pinky finger terribly. 

     What are your thoughts on yellow polish? Is it a color you can easily wear? If you'd like to join in on the Untried A-Z challenge we will be staring letter M week on June 25th and ending on the 29th. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


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