Thursday, April 12, 2018

Purple, Green and Blue Drip Marble Nail Art

     Hey everyone, I've got a quick post to share with you today. And I do mean quick, I just got back from vacation and walked in my front door 20 minutes ago and I am exhausted and ready for bed! But I had to share my latest drip marble creation with all of you before drifting off to dreamland. 

     To create this look I reached for the newly released colors from Sinful Color. There are actually 6 different colors here but a few of them were overpowered but the darker shades and didn't really show up.

     The polishes I used are Rave New World, Positive Vibes from the Target LE tri, Sassy Lassie from this year's St. Patrick's collection, Unicorns R Real, Coco Bae and Forbitten Fruit which are core line additions this year. 

     Just like my previous drip marble manicure, I opted to show this one both glossy and matte. I honestly can't decide which look I like better. Although the glossy version is slightly ahead of the matte look for me on this one. 

     Although this look turned out a bit darker than I was expecting I'm still very happy with the results. This technique is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Have you tried this technique yet? Do you like the glossy or matte version better? That's all I've got for you today, now it's tie to unpack and settle in because I have a feeling reality is going to hit hard tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

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