Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Laser Lace Nail Art

     Today I have a fun new product to share with you from Dollar Nail Art. It's called Laser Lace and when I saw it on their website I knew I wanted to try it. I thought to myself that I might finally be able to share a completely new product with all of you and ordered a sheet in every color. The pictures they showed looked absolutely stunning and unique to any of the nail art looks I've seen from others. Now I still might be able to share with you a brand new product but it's not an easy product to work with. Let's take a look.

    For my first look, I used the Raspberry Laser lace over a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I wanted to do full coverage on an accent nail and then random pieces on each additional nail. Well, I did it but it didn't turn out how I wanted.

     For starters, the laser lace is extremely delicate and once it was cut into pieces it wanted to separate. So instead of getting nice little strips on my nails, I ended up with random splotches. I do like how my pointer finger turned out, it's almost like the veins in marble. Which if you've been reading my blog for the last year you'd know that's a look I love but haven't mastered yet.

     I wasn't ready to give up just yet so I decided to try the lace over a darker base just to see if it made a big difference.

     This time around I used Cult Nails Black Out as my base and the Sky Blue Laser Lace. Yes, I know it doesn't look blue at all, yet it did before I cut it into smaller pieces. I'm not sure exactly why it has changed. I thought maybe I applied it upside down but that wasn't the case. Either way, I do like the contrast between the lace and the black. But I am disappointed I didn't get the pale blue color.

     As you can see my second attempt was not a success. I think at this point I was getting frustrated, especially since my blue lace didn't look blue at all! 

     So here are some tips I learned while trying the Dollar Nail Art Laser Lace. I hope if you decide to try this product they will help you. Also, I should mention quickly that removal was easy. The lace came right off with regular remover.

 1. Have your pieces cut and ready to apply right after applying your top coat as it is not self-adhesive.
 2. Work on one nail at a time!
 3. Have a soft brush or similar item handy to push the lace onto your nail. That way you can avoid using too much pressure and ruining your base color.
 4. After applying the lace use a good top coat to cover it because there will be a LOT of texture. I recommend one made specifically for chunky glitter. If you don't own one it will take at least 2 thick coats of a regular top coat to smooth it out. And even then you'll still have aome slight texture.

      I definitely need more practice with this product. Maybe I'll have better luck when my nails are longer since I always seem to have trouble with nail art when my nails are nubbins. So what do you think of the laser lace? Do you have any other tips that might make my next attempt more successful? Have I scared you away from trying this product? Let me know in the comments and as always Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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