Monday, June 26, 2017

Z Plate Decals

     Happy Monday everyone, wow where did the weekend go? I don't know about you but I was so busy it feels like I blinked and my weekend was gone. On a positive note, I was able to get my 2 new helmers built and my collection organized. My collection was starting to get out of control and I had bottles in little totes and covering my desk. Now everything is in its place and I feel like I can start focusing more on nail art instead of just swatching.  Afterall nail art is the reason I started this blog in the first place. Which brings me to today's post. I realized it's been over a month since I've shared any nail art with you, May 10th be exact when I shared my pink roses look.  This time I'm sharing some decals I created using Z Plate Image plates from Mundo De Unos.

     This look went a little bit outside of my comfort zone with the color pallet and I found that I really like it. Maybe I've been playing it a little too safe all these years and need to venture outside the box more often.... hmmm that's something to think about.

     To create the decals I used the reverse stamping technique and pulled out my Simply Neat Miracle Mat and image plate Abstractos 4 using Hit the Bottle polish Absinthe. A shimmery green polish that reminds me of summer.

    Once the image dried to used my smallest dotting tool and filled this image in. For the center, I went with Sinful Colors Vibrant Vida and the "petals" I used Taupe is Chic part of the Trend Matters collection. A collaboration with Kylie Jenner and Sinful Colors nail polish.

     I've found that the easiest way to create decals is to use a non-quick drying top coat. You can read about my failed attempt at making decals in this post featuring Smoky Mountain Lacquers Radiant in Orchid.  Trust me it's not a pretty site and I learned a lot from that attempt. My favorite top coat to use for decals is Sally Hansen Double Duty. It dries reasonably quickly but stays pliable so the decals are easy to work with.

     Do you have any tips for creating decals? How about a favorite top coat to use? Let me know in the comments and as always Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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