Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Aveniro - Glass Nail Files

     Good morning everyone! I've got a different kind of post for you today. Instead of focusing on nail polish or nail are, we are going to take a look at some tools you can use to prep for the perfect manicure. The folks over at Aveniro generously sent me 3 nail/foot files to review.  But first let's get into a little background of this company. 

     Aveniro Ltd. is a unique glass nail files producer from the Czech Republic. Since these glass files are made of the Bohemian crystals, they are renown for their unlimited lifespan, efficency, simple maintenance and positive effect on the health of your nails. 

     There are several benefits to using a glass file. They don't tend to split your nails. They don't wear out as easily and other files, they can be washed with warm soapy water. They are also extremely efficient, meaning it doesn't take too many swipes across your nail to shorten it. There is one major downfall though, glass files are fragile and can break easily if dropped. Thankfully that hasn't happened to me yet!

As you can see each file comes with it's own pouch to store it in, which makes keeping them from getting banged up much easier. There are also several styles to choose form as far as the decorative handles go. After looking at the website it was hard to pick a favorite, and I wanted them all. 

     First up is the manicure file. Type L42 with is 195 mm long, with a 4 mm thickness. This glass file is meant for manicures, but can be used for pedicures. The decorations are an orange color with a 3D sticker. The surface of the sticker is made to ensure that the file will not slide between your fingers and is easier to hold. There is the option on the website to design your own 3D sticker with a logo or favorite image.  

     These files are double sided, thin and the filing surface is etched into the surface of the file for longer use. All around I thought this was a very high quality file. It was easy to use, was smooth across my nail, and cleaned up nicely. 

     Next up are the foot files. I was sent 2 of these to review. One regular size, and a travel size. 

    You will notice that these files are wider and shorter than the manicure file. They also have a slightly rougher surface  on one side than the manicure file. 

     Type XL62r - 165mm long with a 6mm thickness. This is referred to as the large foot scraper. 

     Type L62r - 135 mm long with a 6mm thickness. L62r is referredd to as the small foot scraper. A smaller version of the XL62r, recommended especially for traveling. I have not actually used this one yet, but I am assuming it worked just a s well as the full sized version. 

    "The foot file is gentle and safe. In comparison with other pedicure tools you take no risks of injuries while using our foot files. Skin does not tear after its usage but becomes soft and tempting to touch. Moreover our glass rasp is produced in DUO variant, i.e. with two different roughnesses on one file. The coarser side removes fast and effectively calloused skin and the smoother side serves to neatening of skin."

     I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first with these. I'm particularly hard on my feet. I'm standing or walking for most of my day and if I can get away with being barefoot I will. No matter how many pedicures I get, or how much lotion I put on my heels are always rough. Let me tell you these really work! No they aren't a miracle cure but my feet felt smoother for longer than with traditional files. And I have a feeling if I keep using them, come summer time I am going to have the softest feet to show off in my sandals.

    As of right now these files are not available for single purchase, only wholesale but if that changes I will let you know. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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