Friday, January 22, 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- 3 Shades of Purple

     It's Friday, which means it's time for another look from the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge. For those of you not familiar with this challenge here's a quick recap...This challenge is set up a bit differently than most. For starters there is the option to do weekly manicures with one week dedicated to themes, and one to colors. Or you can do every other week and stick with themes only or colors only. For the color portion of the challenge each person is also assigned a pattern. The end result is 40 different looks all done in the same colors. I opted to do the color challenge and you can see my previous looks using TealOrange, Purple and GreenBlack and WhiteGrey, Glitter toppers, and Pale Blue.  This week we are using 3 shades of purple and the technique I have is water marble. 

    Water marbling is one of the reasons I got into nail art, and was the first look I tried. So this was a fun week for me with remembering the excitement I felt back then and how proud I was when it turned out to be a success. I still haven't mastered how to get all my nails to look the same and probably never will to be honest. But I sorta like having each nail similar but not exact. And that's just how this manicure turned out. 


    I used 3 colors from Sinful Colors in my water marble because I have had the most success with this brand so far. And I don't feel as guilty about wasting so much polish because of the overly wallet friendly price. The colors are Mesmerize, Sweet Tooth and Winterberry. 

     To make the colors more intense I used Milani White on the Spot as my base color. As a general rule I have a layer of white under all my water marbles actually. I think it stems from that first water marble attempt, where the polish looked so thin in the water and I was convinced it wouldn't be opaque on my nails. Now it's just habit I guess. one of those weird quirks us nail bloggers develop over time. Id love to hear about yours in the comments...hint hint. 

    Well I've run out of things to say about this manicure, and to be honest I not really sure there is more that could be said. So now it's time for you to leave me your thoughts in the comments because I love reading them. And then check out the other looks for this weeks challenge. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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