Friday, September 25, 2015

Kiss - imPRESS at home manicure

     Thanks to the folks over at Brand Backer I was given the opportunity to review the imPRESS at home manicure kit. Geared towards the busy mom the impress manicure has "everything from soft hues to bold glitter tips and on-trend accent nails all with an ultra-gel shine, imPRESS offerings suit every woman’s every mood at every moment. On-the-go moms no longer need to spend time at a salon to get a salon-quality manicure; no need for DIY skills either! Just press on, and with no dry time you can get right back to life’s demands. Plus, UltraHold technology keeps nails on—until you’re ready to remove—just peel off with no damage to natural nails!"

     The kit I am reviewing today is called Harlem Shake. A blush tones nude with silver glitter accent. The accent nail is optional if *Gasp* glitter isn't your thing. 

     I found that the nail sizes were a little on the small side but was still able to find ones that would work for me. The length of the nail is perfect for a busy mom but are a lot shorter than my natural nails are normally. You might remember my recent pic on Instagram showing my nail tragedy. 

     As far as application goes these were pretty quick and for the most part easy. There is a little plastic tab that you pull off to expose the adhesive that gave me issues. It was hard to remove and I ended up damaging a few of the nails in the process. Not excessively but you can see a few "wrinkles" at the cuticle line in the next photo. 

    Just like the package says they nails are lightweight and flexible. I was able to keep them on for an entire day of housework. And I mean housework, I washed dishes, cleaned bathrooms, picked up toys and did laundry. When I was ready to take them off removal was a snap.I just peeled them off at the side and had no nail damage. There was a tiny amount of adhesive on a few nails but it came off with a swipe of remover. 

    My overall impression is that this kit will, in fact, save time for those who are not able to go to a salon or do their nails at home. As a nail blogger who is gaining experience with nail art and actually enjoys painting her nails Id pass on these most days. To me, they look like fake nails, and I take pride in my natural nails. I put in a lot of work to get my nails in the shape they are today and like showing them off. But let's be honest, this kit isn't marketed towards nail bloggers. It's geared towards busy moms who want pretty nails for a special occasion or just to have pretty tips while doing their mom duty, and this kit will work perfectly for that. 

     These kits can be purchased at numerous stores like Walmart, k-mart or Walgreens. Or online at

     *The items in this post were provided for my honest review by Brand Backer. All opinions are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Brand Backer or Kiss*


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