Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Darling Diva - Eleganza and Flazeda (LE Duo)

     Hi Everyone. I've decided to torture you again today with some polishes that are no longer available. #Sorrynotsorry Is it cool to use hashtags in a blog post? I was fortunate to win this duo from a giveaway and they are stunning!!! Eleganze looks like opals on your fingers and Flazeda is packed with sparkly depth.  I had to put them on right away and of course, share them with the world... or the handful of people who read my blog. To those of you reading these words a big hug and many thanks. Now onto the polish!

  **  All photos are shown with 3 thin coats plus topcoat in full sun unless stated otherwise. **

     Eleganza is a clear base packed with mega flakies. It can be layered to give any polish an opal effect or worn on its own.

     The application was a breeze with this beauty. I had no issues with the flakies wanting to move around on my nail and each coat was packed! Plus the polish flowed smoothly and everything laid flat on the nail. There was a slight texture that a single layer of top coat will smooth out. 

     I don't know about you but I think Carrie nail the opal effect with this one! Just look at all those colors reflecting on my nail.  Imagine this layered over an off-white polish, and umm you'll have to imagine it because I'm a bad blogger and have no pictures to share. But wouldn't that be breathtaking! 

     Flazeda is a dark raspberry colored base packed with mega flakies Depending on the lighting it can lean either pink or purple.  It can also be layered over another color or worn on its own. 

     The application was identical to Eleganza with everything flowing smoothly and laying flat on the nail. 

     This one was hard to photograph. All that sparkle made my camera freak out and not want to focus, but I think I did an ok job here. You get to see the base color and the intense sparkle. Its amazing to me how having a colored base changes the flakies so much. They look so much brighter here compared to the softer colors in Eleganza.


     These photos are taken indoors under my daylight bulb. I didn't think they did these polishes justice but I wanted to show them in different lighting. You can see that Flazeda now leans towards purple.   

    I can't really pick a favorite, to be honest. I like them both for different reasons. Could you pick just one? Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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