Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Common Side Bar Mistakes.

     As you may already know my computer is in the shop. So I am working with my laptop, but I'm having a hard time editing pictures on it. I still wanted to be able to blog so I decided to share with you a post I recently came across from Amuse Your Bouche that I found extremely helpful.
      While I'm not able to re-blog the entire post for you I wanted to give you a little intro into what it's all about. A few of these tips I implemented right after reading the post and my blog looks a lot better. Well At least in my opinion. And while a few of these tips are for WordPress many can be used for whichever platform you are using.

      In this post, you will find tips about all those badges that groups want you to put on your blog. how long your sidebar should be, blogrolls and a few others. There are also links at the bottom to a few other blog tips post she has done.

       Also Amuse Your Bouche is primarily a food blog so you might find some fun recipes to try out. Are you ready to read this post? Well then just click here on  Common Side Bar Mistakes.

     I'd love to hear your thoughts on that post as well as if you found any of the other tips to be helpful. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!



  1. Replies
    1. I hope you found it helpful. I've been reading a LOT of post about blogging tips lately. This series was one that I found to be the most helpful. It's written in a way that I can understand, which I find that a lot of them aren't. Especially when they start throwing codes and technical terms around.


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