Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Liquid Kandi Nail Lacquer- The Summer Glow Collection (partial)

     Hello Everyone! Today I'm bringing to you part of a new collection from Liquid Kandi Nail Lacquer, The Summer Glow Collection. This collection contains 4 polishes: Glow Me a River, You Glow Me Crazy, Cant-elope Glow, and Sunkissed Glow.  I'll be showing you the last 2 today.

     Let me start by saying that both polishes had the exact same formula. Which was pretty spectacular if you ask me. The polish flowed smoothly off the brush. With my first couple brush strokes, I thought I was going to end up with streaks, but both polishes leveled themselves out for an even finish.

     Cant-elope Glow is a mint green shimmering polish, that glows a pretty aqua green shade. Although it dries to a matte finish, you won't lose any of the shimmers.


     Cant-elope Glow appears sheer at first, but builds up nicely, reaching full opacity with 3 slightly thick coats. And boy does this polish glow! I stood with my hand under a lamp for about 2 minutes before taking this next shot.

Glow-in-the-dark-nail-polish-The Summer-Glows-Collection

    Dry time was as equally impressive as the application. You know the golden rule of nail polish right? Always go to the bathroom before you start. Sure enough 3 minutes after finishing my nails.... Yep, you guessed it. But I bet you didn't guess, not a single smidge, or dent. And that was without top coat!

     But how does it look under a stamped image you asked? Ok, so maybe you didn't ask, but I wanted to play around a little with these. Please be kind when viewing this image, my stamping skills decided to take a break while I did this. (3 times!)

Stamped with Sally Hansen Color Foil in Minted Metal and plate BM-203
     Sunkissed Glow is a light yellow shimmery polish with a kiss of orange that glows greenish-yellow.


     Application and dry time are again impressive. Shown here is 3 slightly thicker coats without top coat. Guess what else is the same as Cant-elope... the glow power!


      By this time my stamping skills decided break time was over, but my design choosing skills fell a little short. In my defense, it looks super cute in normal lighting. The lines are just a little too thin to really show up when it's glowing. See what I mean...

Stamped with Sally Hansen Insta-dry Lightening and plate BM-315
     I've got a picture on my Facebook page of this in daylight if you want to check it out. Otherwise, you can just take my word on how awesome it looks. And by awesome, I mean the image is straight and it covers the entire nail. Yay, a stamping success!

     Now time for the important stuff. The Summer Glow Collection is available for pre-order right now on Store Envy, but they go live on Friday, Aug. 1st. Mark your calendars. Each Bottle retails for $9 or you can pick up the entire collection for $34.

     What about the other two colors in the collection? Sadly I don't have pictures to show you but I can describe them! Glow Me a River is a baby blue shimmer that glows a darker blue. You Glow Me Crazy is a bubble gum pink shimmer that glows pinkish orange.

     But wait there's more! Liquid Kandi Nail Lacquer also offers subscription boxes, or bags if that's your thing. The box contains 2 full sized polishes, 1 mini, 2-3 nail art tools or designs, 1 feature beauty product of the month AND a sweet treat. You get all that for $30. The bag contains 1 full sized polishes, 1 mini, 1 nail art tool or design, AND a sweet treat. And the price, only $20. Those prices also include shipping and handling.
      For more information on these polishes and more, check out Liquid Kandi on Facebook or follow them on IG.

     Whew! That was A LOT of information. If you've stuck with me this far I thank you. I've just got one more favor to ask, let me know your thoughts on these polishes in the comments. Reader feedback is very important to me. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


  1. The glow in the dark quality of both of these colors look awesome!

    1. I was seriously impressed with how brightly these glowed. And without much charging too! I have a feeling I will be picking up the other colors in this collection very soon.

  2. Replies
    1. Oh And they were so much fun to play around with. The other GITD polishes I have are a bit of a pain to apply, but not these. Thanks for checking out my post and for commenting. =)

  3. I'm not really a fan of them in the daylight, but that glow in the dark... Amazing!!

    1. I wasn't really at first either, but I've been wearing kunkissed glow for a few days now and it's starting to grow on me. Just a hint of color but not a completely nude nail.


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