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      Welcome to my blog! My name is Katie and I love sharing my journey in nail art with others. I am a mother of 3, and avid tomboy and work with special needs children. In my spare time you can find me on a volleyball court, a softball field, out fishing or having BBQ's and bean bag tournaments with my friends. I first discovered nail art back in 2011 when a high school friends posted a manicure she had done and I was hooked. Who was that friend and fellow nail polish blogger? Find out the full story in my post "my obsession with nail polish." where I go into great detail about how this all started. 
   If you have any questions about the polishes used in my posts please feel free to leave a comment on the post. I try to answer each and every one. Or you can send an e-mail to lustrouslacquer@live.com 
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  1. Hi-
    I love the comparison you did between OPI Down to My Last Penny and Revlon Captivate. I have a question though - how did you get the Captivate to go on that well? I love the Revlon shades, but they go on very streaky - am I doing something wrong?
    Also, while you were the comparison for the polish, did you come across any Down...Penny LIPSTICK colors? I'm addicted and I can't find it anymore - at least not for a price I can justify paying! Just thought I'd ask. I'm planning to find a really great swatch or picture and sending it to MAC to see what they have...and they're just the 1st on my list. SOMEONE has to make a similar color. Maybe I should check Revlon to see if they did a lipstick to go with the polish...Thanks for any info! Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn, thanks for the great question. I also got your email and since my answer was quite long I replied to you that way. I just wanted to pop in here and let you know so you could be on the look out for it. If you ever have any other questions don't hesitate to ask. If I don't know the answer I will be happy to try and find it for you.=)

  2. Hi Katie, I was just looking at your very detailed China Glaze collections list, and thought I would give you a hand with these two collections: Fun in the Sun Collection – Unknown Year/Summer
    Bad Kitty
    Blue Hawaiian
    Sour Apple

    Memorable Moments Collection – Unknown Year/Season
    Silver Lining

    Both were sets that were part of the CG Specialty Collection that came out in 2009, they were also sold as boxed sets of four, which is why that might be confusing.

    Also, the CG My Little Pony Collection is not the fall collection, it's just an extra Limited Edition Collection that came out about a month ago or so. The China Glaze Fall Collection for 2017 is called Street Regal, and is beginning to be available now here and there. Hope this helps. Thank you for your list of CG. It's very detailed and well put together.

    1. Thank you for your help! It does get confusing trying to research older collections online especially when I find conflicting information. I'll make the corrections to my post. And if you come up with any more please feel free to pass this information along. I know I need to go over my OPI and Zoya collection lists and see if I can complete some of those collections and do adjustments.


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