Thursday, May 2, 2019

Swatch and Review of Serum No. 5 Some Bunny Wants Your Blood for Polish Pickup May 2019

    I'm squeeking today's post in just in time for you to update those wishlists for Polish Pickup. And boy do I have a polish for you today. Some Bunny Wants Your Blood from Serum No 5 has so much going on it's sure to have something that everyone will love. 

     Inspired by Bunnicula, Some Bunny Wants Your Blood is a smoky black thermal with a jelly finish loaded with red, pink, copper and gold glitter. And if that wasn't enough it also has flakies that glow in the dark.  Yes, you read that right a glow in the dark thermal with a jelly base. 

     This might be my most picture heavy post featuring only one polish in the history of my blog! When cold SBWYB shows the black base packed with glitter, when warm it shifts to a light sandy brown, and it glows a bright green color.

     The formula is easy to work with. Like all jelly polishes, I had just a hint of color on the first coat. The glitters are abundant and lay nice and flat on the nail. 

     The second coat built the opacity up nicely and you could probably get away with only doing two coats. Since I didn't know what color the polish would be shifting to at the time of swatching I decided to add a third coat for good measure and ensure full coverage during the transition. The polish is shown as three thin coats plus glossy topcoat in all my photos. 

     Because this polish is so full of glitter it does dry with a bit of a rough texture. A generous layer of good topcoat or two layers of a thinner one will leave you with a smooth finish. 

     And now for the glowing goodness! I charged my nails and the bottle under the lights from my lightbox for about 5 minutes and the results were seriously bright. In fact, my nails were still glowing over an hour later when I finally crawled into bed. It kinda freaked the Mr. out when he saw them and I got a good laugh out of it. 

     Some Bunny Wants You Blood goes on sale in the Polish Pickup on Friday, May 3rd at 11 am Eastern time and runs through Monday, May 6th. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 



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