Monday, April 29, 2019

Swatch and Review of Northen Star Be Excellent for Polish Pickup May 2019

     Who's excited for Polish Pickup on Friday? Well, I hope you haven't finished those wish lists yet because I've got a versatile polish to share with you today from Northern Star Polish.  Be Excellent is inspired by Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Am I aging myself if I tell you I remember seeing this in theaters when it first came out?

Dark Dusty blue nail polish in a glossy creme finish

     Be Excellent is a dusty dark blue creme nail polish. The formula is smooth and creamy, truly a dream to work with. I had even heavily opaque coverage on the first coat but not quite 100% full coverage. 

Dark Dusty Blue Nail polish with a glossy creme finish

     Full opacity and a smooth finish can be achieved with the addition of a second coat. This beauty dries to a very glossy finish, so much so that you'd think it already had topcoat added.  Shown here are two coats plus a glossy topcoat.

Dark dusty blue nail polish with a glossy creme finish

     Now I only wore this for about an hour but I had no discoloration on my nails or evidence of staining. I did use a base coat for swatching and recommend always wearing one under your polish. Not only will it help your polish apply nicer but it will protect your nails from staining. 

     Remember I mentioned this polish was very opaque on the first coat?  This got me wondering if it would work well for stamping and guess what? It does!

      I used Sinful Colors White Lies as my base and image plate UR-21 from UR Beautiful for this manicure. 

     Be Excellent is a lighter version when stamped but I really like the look. And it was so easy to work with, I was able to pick up a clean image each and every time. 

     Along with offering Be Excellent for Polish Pickup, Kristin is offering a cuticle oil set for Indie Pickup.  The Bodacious ‘80s snacks are inspired by the convenience store snack runs every Friday night: cherry slushie, taffy, lemon sour candy, and pink bubblegum.

Photo credit to Kristin of Northern Star Polish.
     Polish Pickup opens on Friday, May 3rd at 11 am Eastern time and runs through Monday, May 6th. For those of you unfamiliar with Polish Pickup here's the breakdown. The Polish Pickup is a new take on the polish collaboration boxes, run by Fair Maiden Polish creators Adrienne and Sarah. Instead of buying one set box, polish lovers have the option to create their own box by selecting from a variety of polishes available each month. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

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