Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Untried A-Z Challenge Letter E

     Welcome back for another week of the Untried A-Z Challenge.This week is the letter E and I've chosen Earl Grey Icing from Poetry Cowgirl to share with you.

      If this is your first time reading about this challenge let me give you some quick details. This is a year-long challenge to help work through all the untried nail polish that tends to gather at our homes. The posting schedule is every other week and we go in alphabetical order. You can use the brand name or polish name for each week's letter or mix it up and do both. You can share one polish or more, do a polish swatch or add nail art. It's wide open and a come and go type of challenge. Do as many or as few weeks as you want, just have fun with it. You can find more details listed in the event on Facebook along with inlinks codes for that week. Now back to today's polish...

     I picked up Earl Grey Icing last spring when it was released as part of the cool quad in the Spring Frosting Collection. Then I moved into my new house and in all the moving chaos it got packed up in my helmer. So it is one of my newer untired polishes but is being shared a year after it's release. But the good news is,  it's still available for purchase!

Cement grey scattered holographic nail polish

     Earl Grey Icing is a cement grey nail polish with a light dusting of scattered holographic glitter. While it applied a bit sheer on the first coat and much lighter than what you see in the bottle, I did have a smooth and even application. Earl Gery Icing builds up nicely to full opacity after two coats and the polish dries just a wee bit darker to match the bottle. Shown as two coats plus top coat. 

cement grey scattered holographic nail polish

cement grey scattered holographic nail polish

      This is my first time using Poetry Cowgirl nail polish but I was impressed with the formula and am glad that I picked up with rest of the colors in the Spring Frosting Collection. I can't wait to share the rest of them with you. But for now, it's time to see what everyone else chose as their letter E polish. I hope to see some of you join us in this challenge, there's room for everyone. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

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