Thursday, December 14, 2017

Red Nail Polish Stamping Comparison

     It's getting closer to Christmas and I 'm sure there are a few people out there who are planning their manicures. Red nail polish is pretty much a staple in any traditional Christmas manicure but there are so many to choose from. And what if you want to stamp your design in red polish, how do you know which one will work? Today's post will hopefully help you out with those questions. Like my previous stamping comparison posts, I have 4 polishes that I put to the stamping test. MdU Red, China Glaze Seeing Red, Sinful Colors Bitten and Sally Hansen Wild Strawberry. Which one works the best? Let's find out! 

     Just like my gold stamping comparison I wanted to show the stamping over both black and white.
For my base, I used Sinful Colors Whiteboard and Blackboard from the Back to School School Goals collection and stamped a New Years image from Sugar Bubbles plate SBS 04.  As you can see red is a very hard polish to stamp over black with. Even the stamping polish from MdU barely shows up.

     All 4 of the polishes I chose do work but not equally well. China Glaze Seeing Red (From the Giver Collection) actually smeared a bit and looks pink when stamped over white. Sinful Colors Bitten looks pretty good over white but basically disappears against the black. I like the way Sally Hansen Wild Strawberry looks over white and it would work over the black in a pinch.

     I'd have to say that out of the 4 polishes I've compared the Mdu Stamping polish works the best. It has the truest red color over black and is the most pigmented over white. My 2nd favorite is the Sally Hansen Wild Strawberry.  China Glaze Seeing Red is my least favorite for stamping.

     I hope you found this post helpful. Which polish do you feel worked the best? If you need other colored stamping options for your holiday manicures (or anytime really) check out my previous comparisons of Silver, White, and Gold. If you'd like to see another color compared for stamping let me know in the comments and I'd be happy help you out. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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