Friday, November 20, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Grey + Color

       Its time once again for another look from the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge. If you're new around here or just not sure what this challenge is here's a quick recap...This challenge is set up a bit differently than most. For starters there is the option to do weekly manicures with one week dedicated to themes, and one to colors. Or you can do every other week and stick with themes only or colors only. For the color portion of the challenge each person is also assigned a pattern. The end result is 40 different looks all done in the same colors. If you saw my Teal or Orange, Purple and Green manicures you already know that I picked the every other week color option of the challenge. 

     This week my pattern was a tape manicure which made me giggle a bit because I already used tape for the stripes in my orange, purple and green manicure. This time I rotated my tape 45 degrees and created this look. 


      I think this turned out pretty darn cool but Id love to hear what you think. I used Sinful Colors Midnight Blue as my base and 6 different China Glaze Grey polishes for the stripes.  From lightest to darkest they are:
 -Five Rules
 -Pelican Grey
 -Intelligence, Integrity & Courage
 -Elephant Walk
 -Cosmic Dust
 -Kiss my Glass

     I did find out the hard way that I needed to remove my tape as I went along. Otherwise the lightest grey dried too much and pulled off with the tape. And to avoid getting too much polish between the tape use a small nail art brush instead of a dotting too. My first attempt at this look was not a pretty picture!

      It's a good thing I've been working on my patience when it comes to nail art. I was almost in tears at this point because it took me forever to get my tape placed perfectly. You'll notice in my previous tape manicures I'm a little anal about the placement. 

     I am so glad that I didn't get frustrated and give up because for me nail art is about learning, growing and improving. And in the end I came up with the manicure I had pictured in my head. Which as a lot of us know doesn't always happen. 

      Id like to hear about things you learned from a failed manicure attempt and what you think about my finished look. I promise to try and think a little more out of the box for the remainder of the challenge and stay away from stripes for awhile. Also be sure to checkout the other looks created for today. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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