Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Drip Drop - Prototype #516

     Today I have a quick swatch post to share with you on Drip Drop prototype #516. I picked this up in a grab bag of prototypes that contained 3 polishes. I sort of like grab bags because it helps me to try polishes that I normally wouldn't pick for myself. Although looking at this one in the bottle I totally would have snatched it right up. 

     Prototype #516 has everything I like in a nail polish, a pale pink base, multi-sized glitters in a variety of shapes and colors. I was in heaven when I first saw it. 

     I really really want to love this polish but I just don't after applying it to my nails. And there's no real reason for it except that once on I realized that it wasn't my "cup of tea".  The application is amazing for a glitter, especially one that has been sitting around for a few months. I did have to fish around for a few of the larger glitters but overall I was happy with the amount that came out on the brush with each layer.

   Shown here is 2 coats plus top coat. I do like that the glitters lay nice and flat on the nail and only 1 layer of top coat was needed for a smooth finish. 

     Formula and application wise this polish is a winner, there's just something about it on my nails that I'm not thrilled with. Maybe the pink is too light for my skin tone?  

     I have 2 more polishes from the grab bag that I need to use but if the formula is as good as this I will be looking for suggestions on which ones to try next. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing! 

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