Monday, March 3, 2014

What's in a finish? - Iridescent

     Today's what's in a finish post is about iridescent finishes. This one is a little harder for me to put together for you as the descriptions I've found are pretty short and sweet. An iridescent polish is often mistaken for being a duochrome or shimmer polish. The main difference is that they have less obvious flashes of color than a duochrome.


Comparison picture of Zoya Adina and Wet n Wild Grey's Anatomy
     Please excuse the picture. It was one of the very first ones that I ever posted. Long before I knew how important good clean up was and was still having an issue with getting a nice nail shape. I recently realized that I own very few iridescent polishes and haven't used most of them.

     I'm still not sure if I could pick out an iridescent polish in a line up of shimmers and duochromes even with all the research I've done. If anyone has a trick or tip they'd like to share please do. And I hope I haven't confused all of you with this post. I myself thought that most iridescent polishes were on the sheer side but have found that not to be the case.

     I hope you have enjoyed this post. Id love to hear your thoughts on this finish of nail polish. Happy Polishing!


  1. Great post explaining an iridescent finish. I sometimes get confused with it too.

    1. Thanks Lisa. That means a lot. I wasn't too sure about this post, or how well it would go over. But if it helps one person than it did it's job.


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