Friday, February 21, 2014

# Glitter # Indie Polish

Lacquistry- Moonlit Marina

     Happy Friday everyone! Today I'm excited to bring you my most recent indie purchase; Moonlit Marina from Lacquistry. Moonlit Marina is described  in the shop as
A quiet moonlit night with the moon reflecting on the softly lapping water of a still marina, stars dapple the sky and twinkle down on the dark water. Moonlit Marina is interspersed with color-shifting iridescence amongst dark green and dark blue.
     Isn't that a fantastic description! As someone who loves spending time outdoors camping and watching the stars twinkle over the lake this polish called to me.

     I used 2 slightly think coats of Moonlit Marina with 2 layers of Out the Door for a smooth even finish. With a little manipulation I was able to get almost complete coverage and no fishing for glitters was required.


     I wish I had been able to really capture the sparkle this polish has better. My fingertips really do twinkle like stars in the night sky as move them across the keyboard. And why wouldn't they? Just look at all the different sized glitters this polish has.


     Before the rain and snow started I was able to snap a few pictures outside. While there wasn't any sunshine to help me out, I feel like natural light should be taken advantage of when ever possible. With the way this winter has gone those chances have been very few and extremely far between.

     If you'd like to pick up your own bottle of Moonlit Marina you can pick one up here but be quick because as I'm writing this post there is only 1 bottle available. And to keep up with all the news from Lacuistry Nail polish check out the face book page.

     Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


  1. Replies
    1. Awe thank you! It's held up really well too. I did laundry all day yesterday, washed dishes twice and gave my 3 munchkins baths. Not a single chip or wear mark!

  2. I LOVE Lacquistry polishes. I just picked up Amazeballs and oh my goodness! This one is quite the beauty too, and you wear it well!

    1. Thanks Becca! I only snagged this one with my order but Ive heard so many amazing things about Amazeballs that I probably need to get it too.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Lisa. I've been really enjoying the indies polishes lately. I know I was late getting into them compared to everyone else. It's still fun to discover new brands.


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