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# Bee's Knees # Collections List

Bee's Knees Collection List

     My goal is to have a comprehensive list of every collection Bee's Knees has released over the years. This will be an ongoing post as I research previous collections and new collections are released. If you know of a collection I'm missing or see an error please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an e-mail. 

Launch Collection 
Queen Bee
Waggle Dance

IT Collection
Down Here
We All Float

CoTM - September
Hello Gourd-geous

Charity Polish
FU (pink ribbon) Cancer

CoTM - October
Un-Teal it Sleeps

Pun-kin is Coming Collection
All Holo's Eve
Bonfire, James Bonfire
Children of the Corn Maze
Goin' Campin'?!
Hocus Crocus
House on Haunted Chill
I Know What You Did Last Fall
I See Plaid People
Night of the Living Red
Oh, Come On!
Reddy Kreuger
They're Heeere

American Horror Story Collection
I'm So Bored

Group Custom - October
Zombie Blood

Witch, Please! Collection
Fine Swine
Only Witch is Best Witch
Witch Children?
Witch Way to Go

Charity Polish - October
Cats Meow

Thor Ragnarok Collection
Friend From Work
He's Adopted
Hela Holo

CoTM - November

Charity Polish - November
Smile if you Love Men's Prostates!

Prototypes - November
Na Cl
Salty Anon

Justice League Collection
Don't Make the Suit Animated
I Am No Man
I Hear You Can Talk To Fish
I Need Friends
The Bat

Black Friday Collection
Pennywise 2.0
There's No Such Thing as an Evil Turkey
We All Float 2.0

Dwight Before Christmas Collection
A Good About of Blood
Cheer or Fear
Fa La La La La La Ka-Ching
How About Icing
Machiavelli meets Christmas
Space Garbage

CoTM - December
Krampus Klaws

Bethesda Collab Box with Geekish Glitter
Madness or Cheese
The Greymarch

Stranger Things Matte Trio
He Likes it Cold
The Gate
The Upside Down

Zombie Polish New Year
Champagne Kisses

Charlie the Unicorn
Shun the Non-Believer

Professor Quirrell
All About the Half-Life

Cersei Lanister
I Choose Violence


We'll Never Be Royals

Charity Polish - January

Stranger Things Glossy Quartet
Steve Harrington
The Snowball

Crazy 4 Crellies Customs
I'm the Nightmare
The Night Court
The Spring Court
Throne of Glass

Monthly Awareness Box - January
One Day at a Time

Bonus Polish - January
Mermaid Scales

Deadra Collection
Hermaeus Mora

The Hobbit - Rainbow Connection UK Debut
The Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities
The Unassessably Wealthy

Anon Polish
Why So Salty

CoTM - February
V is for Valentine's Vodka

Black Panther Collab
Resting Panther Face

Monthly Awareness Box - February
Joy in the Little Things

Polish Pickup - March Books Theme
I See You Yi Yi

Indie Swatch Awards
Mystery 1
Mystery 2
Mystery 3

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