Saturday, February 18, 2017

Where have I been and the Future of Lustrous Lacquer

     It's been pretty quiet on my blog so far this year and that makes me quite sad. Like most people, I start out this year full of enthusiasm and lofty goals. I was ready to buckle down and really focus on my blog this year and then well life happened. But unlike when most people say life happens, things have been awesome, they've just kept me away from blogging. I decided it was time to end my silence, not only because people deserve to know what's going on but also because I missed blogging. So for today's post, I'm going to catch up on some Christmas nail art looks that never got posted and explain what's been going on lately.

     For starters, you might remember my post about Never Mind Polish Hedaphillia, in that post I talked about waiting for a proposal. Well just before Christmas he asked! We were at an ugly Christmas sweater party and I'd done my nails for the occasion.

     I call these my ugly patchwork nails. The nail art is free handed on my stamping mat so that I could apply them like decals. Sadly in all the confusion here packing I have misplaced my notes and I don't remember what polishes I used to create this look. I do know that the Kleancolor is Bite Me and it is a stainer!

     Speaking of packing I am in the process of buying a house. We were supposed to have closed by now and moving in but our closing date has been pushed back. I actually don't have a firm closing date right now so I'm in home buying limbo. I was so excited to move that I've packed up most of my polish things. But on the plus side, the new house has a room that I can use as my polish haven! I'm so excited to have space for everything and be able to leave things out if I'm not done with them. Right now my helmers reside off to the side in my little kitchen area with the nail art supplies piled on top. I have to paint my nails using our chest freezer as my table, and it's not the most comfortable or convenient place to work.

     Don't worry I plan on doing a series of posts about how I get my polish room set up as well as sharing pictures of my stash. I know how much I like seeing other people's collections and spaces and figured I'm probably not the only one.

     Another manicure I haven't shared yet was the one I wore for New Years. I've been enamored with the geometric manicures people have been doing so I did a twist on those. Nothing too fancy, but I liked how it turned out.

     This simple french twist was done with Pirate Princess Polish Looking for Booty, my black striper and Hit the Bottle As Black as Night. The image is from Plate UR Beautiful 18.

     Pirate Princess Polish to me is a relatively unknown polish maker that I stumbled upon during my black Friday shopping spree. As you can guess by the name all of her polishes have a pirate, or nautical theme to them. Looking for Booty is part of the Gone Plunderin' collection and it a gorgeous gold glitter. My only complaint is that there is so much glitter packed in there that it had a gritty consistency which made getting a nice line for the french manicure a tedious task. It also was a top coat hungry polish and required 2 thick layers to get a smooth finish.

     Well that's about all I needed to catch everyone up on. I'm still around, but busy moving and planing a wedding so my posting schedule is a bit sporadic right now. I've got a few manageable goals set for this year which include continuing with my dupes posts and my stamping comparison series. I have started swatching my entire collection on swatch sticks, which if you're thinking about doing this I highly recommend starting before your collection reaches 1500. I do have a few polishes swatched that haven't made it to the blog yet so there are a few posts in the near future along with some Sinful polishes that I just picked up to blog about while I move and get things set up. So stick around because fun things are in store for this year, I'm just off to a very very slow start. Thanks for stopping by and sticking around. Happy Polishing!

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