Friday, December 9, 2016

Claire's Mood Polish - Flirty and Shy

*Nothing to Disclose*

     There's a famous saying that goes "You get what you pay for." And while that is usually true, every once in a while a product comes along and changes all that. Today I will be sharing with you one of those products. Claire's nail polishes are some of the most wallet friendly polishes you can buy and are available in almost every mall across the country. So Imagine my surprise when the 3-year-old bottle of Mood polish my daughter chose for me to wear still shifted colors. And I don't mean just a slight shift during extreme temperature changes, but a very noticeable shift as I was painting my nails!

The formula of Flirty and Shy sadly was not as friendly as it's price tag. My bottle was thin and runny with a lot of streaking no matter how much I tried to remix my bottle. Now this could be a factor of its age and not the original formula, but I guess I won't know that for sure unless I pick up another bottle.

     Flirty and Shy dries extremely quickly to a matte finish and for me, the color shift was almost instantaneous. Shown here is 2 coats plus top coat. 

     For an accent nail,  my daughter decided I needed to break out my nail foils and picked the Azurit design from Dollar Nail Art. Of course, if you've used nail foils before you know that a regular top coat ruins the foils, and a water based one is needed. The only water based top coat I've tried is Sprout although Id love to hear your suggestion for a different option. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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