Friday, November 18, 2016

Nevermind Polish - Hadephilia

     Today I'd like to share with you a new to me indie on the scene, Nevermind Polish. This brand was first brought to my attention by a few swatch photos floating around the internet of a Polish Con limited edition nail polish. Yes, I'm still bummed that I wasn't able to attend the actual event but eventually I'll get over it. While I missed out on the limited edition polish I ended up discovering the Holophilia collection that was just released around the same time. (fall 2016) Well, I quickly snatched up 2 of the polishes and eagerly awaited their arrival. Today I am sharing Hadephilia with you.  Hadephilia is the love of hell in case you were wondering and I've got a funny story to share that fits in perfectly with this theme.

     So in the middle of October, my mom let it slip that my boyfriend asked my dad for permission to marry me. I was super excited at first and then more than a little ticked because well there went the element of surprise.  (Chad if you're reading this I'm sorry) And of course, I was now anxious for him to pop the question, which I thought for sure was going to happen while we were at the cabin the following weekend. Well as every nail polish addict would, I wanted my nails painted and looking perfect for that must have picture of the ring. I didn't want to go with a traditional french manicure even though I know that's his favorite style of manicure so I opted for a sexy red. Long story short, he still hasn't asked and I've been in a perpetual state of hell wondering just when exactly it's going to happen. Hence Hadephilia was the perfect polish to wear that weekend in more ways than one. While I sit here driving myself crazy thinking every time we go out will be "the time" why don't you check out the awe-inspiring beauty that is Hadephilia.

     Hadephilia is a vibrant  true red linear holographic nail polish that radiates off the nail. Sadly it was only a partially sunny day when I took these shots so the full linear effect gets a bit lost. Shown here is 2 coats plus top coat.

     I had smooth even coverage during the application process with no streaking. I was also pleasantly surprised by how opaque the first coat was. However, 2 coats are needed to reach full opacity. 

     I snapped one quick picture in the shade to showcase the true red color. And also so you can see what it will look like while indoors. Unless you're standing under some amazing lighting that is.

     The Holophilia collection is still available for purchase if you want to at Hadephilia to your collection. The full collection (8 polishes) is $90 U.S. individual bottles are also available for $10 each. And be sure to check out Nevermind polish on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!


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