Friday, August 19, 2016

Heather's Hues - The Jellybeans Collection

     Happy Friday everyone! Another week has come and gone and it seems like the summer has just flown by. Soon it will be time for hoodies, fuzzy socks, pumpkin everything and darker fall colors of polish. That being said there's still time to rock some fun bright colors on your nails. And today's post is all about some fun, bright neon colors from Heather's Hues. I'll warn you though the Jellybeans Collection is being discontinued on Aug, 31st so if you want them you'd better snatch them up quick! 

     Because I have so many polishes to share with you today and there are quite a few pictures I thought I'd go with a different format for this post and I'd love to hear your thoughts on it as well as the polish in the comments. 

     The Jellybeans Collection consists of 7 colors. 6 bright neon shades that remind me of a pack of highlighters and a black. Each polish can be built up to reach full opacity but are sheer enough to work with pond manicures or leadlighting which makes them extremely versatile. I've chosen to show you each polish as 2 coats without top coat so you can see the true jelly finish.  While being very bright on their own I would recommend wearing them over white to really get them to pop. Also like most neon nail polish they are unforgiving when it comes to imperfections on your nail so a good ridge-filling base coat is the way to go. This will also help prevent any staining, which I didn't have an issue with but I only wore each polish for around 10 minutes. Whew, now that the introduction is out of the way let's look at some polish!

Strawberry Jam-min'

     Color: A bright neon pink jelly polish with a slight orange undertone. No matter what lighting I tried to photograph this in it wanted to look orange. 

     Finish: Semi-matter jelly finish

     Application: Surprisingly smooth for a neon polish with no streaking on the first coat. Build up nicely after two. Very quick dry time. Shown 2 coats without top coat.
Orange Jubilee

     Color: Bright, highlighter orange

     Finish: Semi-matte jelly finish

     Application: More opaque on the first coat than I was expecting and had minimal streaking. Very quick dry time. Shown 2 coats without top coat.


     Color: Vibrant highlighter yellow. Normally I'm not a fan of yellow polish with my skin tone but this one seems to work.

     Finish: semi-matte jelly finish.

     Application: Smooth and even coverage but VERY sheer. Again there was no streaking during application. Shown 2 coats without top coat.

The Electric Lime

     Color: Vibrant green

     Finish: semi-matte jelly finish

     Application:  Sheer and a little streaky on the first coat. Evens out nicely after two. Very quick dry time.  Shown 2 coats without top coat. 

Show Me the Blue Raz-zle Dazzle

     Color: Beautiful ocean blue. 

     Finish: Semi-matte jelly finish

     Application: Sheer and a little finicky when using more than 3 strokes. I had some slight dragging when applying thin coats and found it was best to not play around with the polish. Everything evens up very nicely after two coats and was the most opaque out of the entire collection. Very quick dry time.  Shown 2 coats without top coat.

Isn't That Just Grape?

     Color: A pink toned purple

     Finish: semi-matte jelly finish

     Application: Smooth and easy application but a little sheer on the first coat but builds up nicely. Very quick dry time. Shown 2 coats without top coat.

Least Liked Licorice

     Color: Black

     Finish: semi-matte jelly finish

     Application: Very sheer on the first coat and slightly streaky. Evens out after 2 coats and builds up nicely. Very quick dry time.  Shown 2 coats without top coat. 

     Now  even though I know these polishes have a very quick dry time I thought I remembered someone successfully water marbling with them. So against my better judgementI tried it out. That really didn't work out at all. The first drop of polish was dry before I could get the second drop to fall. So as a warning, don't try that at home. They do however work great for gradients!

     Don't you just love how vibrant this is! The colors really pop over a white base and work well together. For this look, I did one coat of Sinful Colors Snow me White and sponged the entire Jellybeans Collection (minus the black) over the top. Once that was dry I stamped over it with Hit the Bottle As Black As Night and Uber Chic plate 10-3.

      Like I mentioned above this collection is being retired at the end of the month. (Aug. 31st) but you can still pick up the entire collection if you hurry. Individual bottles are $5 for a mini (7.5 ml) or $7.50 for full sized (15ml). The entire collection is $41 for a set of mini's or $57.75 for full size and can be purchased through Etsy. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Polishing!

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