Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Orly Matte FX

     Hi everyone. Today's NOTD post is about 2 polishes from the Orly Matte FX line. There are 4 polishes in this collection. 2 matte finish polishes Iron Butterfly and Purple Velvet and 2 Flakie top coats Green Matte Glitter Flakie and Pink Flakie Top Coat.  I looked at these polishes several times before finally purchasing Iron Butterfly and the Pink Flakie Top Coat.

     First up, let's take a look at Iron Butterfly. This is not your typical matte polish. For starters, it has silver micro glitter in a black base giving Iron Butterfly a charcoal grey look when dry. The polish dries very quickly for a matte polish and is smooth to the touch. The application was easy with no dragging or streaking. And even with the micro glitter, you get a completely matte finish that somehow manages to shimmer.

Orly Matte FX Iron Butterfly

     This is 2 coats of Iron Butterfly without top coat. You could almost get away with one thick coat for full coverage. After I had this on I thought it would make a great background for some Halloween art. But I haven't worked them out completely yet so I decided to add the flakie top coat.

     Pink Flakie Top Coat has a sheer pink base and multi-colored iridescent flake glitter. The flakes lay completely flat on the nail with no jagged edges.  The application was smooth with no fishing required. When dry the nail is smooth to the touch and again this dried pretty quickly for a matte polish. Even though it's a matte finish you still get flashes of color and a sort of sparkly look to your nails.

Orly Matte FX Pink Flakie Top Coat

     Shown here is 3 coats of Pink Flakie Top Coat over Iron Butterfly. I really only needed 2 coats but I wanted to make sure the entire nail was covered. I think if I would have stopped at 2 coats I wouldn't have gotten the "murkiness" look to my nails. Although I added a regular top coat to the ring finger just to see how it looked and the murkiness went away. Unfortunately, I did that the next day and didn't take a picture to share with you.

     I love the range of colors you get from the flakes. It's like having a rainbow on your nails without being over the top or in your face. I'm going to have to go back and pick up the other 2 polishes from this collection the next time I'm at Sally's.

     So what are your thoughts on this new collection? Are either of these two going on your lemming list? Thanks for taking the time to stop by and as always, Happy Polishing!

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